Jury Committee

The Jury Committee is composed of experts in the design field.
The Jury members discuss everyday problem solving.

For the screening, the jury are looking at creative ideas whether the design’s theme is sustainable and solves the problems involved with the city life
Charles Landry Charles Landry
Charles Landry
  • CEO of Comedia
  • The European Capital of Innovation Award jury
  • Fellow of The Robert Bosch Academy in Berlin
Seunghoy Kim Seunghoy Kim
Seunghoy Kim
City Architect
  • The 3rd Seoul Metropolitan City Architect
  • Professor at Seoul National University
Anya Sirota Anya Sirota
Anya Sirota
USA(North America)
  • Architectural designer, researcher, and founding principal of 'Akoaki'
  • Associate Professor, Associate Dean of Academic Initiatives at Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning
Stefano Micelli Stefano Micelli
Stefano Micelli
Design Craft Curating
Italy (Europe)
  • Currently full professor at Ca'Foscari University of Venice and Dean of the Challenge School of Management
  • Currently cocurator of Homo Faber
  • Consultant and curator for Triennale di Milano 2015-2019
Lu Xiaobo Lu Xiaobo
Lu Xiaobo
China (Asia)
  • Dean, Academy of Arts and Design of Tsinghua University
  • USA Microsoft Corporation Researcher
  • DA(China Industrial Design Association) vice president