Our Advisors

Composed of experts from Korea and abroad, the Advisory Committee sets
the direction and operational plans for the Seoul Design Award.

Seoul Design Award will continue to expand
as a forum where designs to solve human,
social, natural, and environmental issues
in our daily lives are presented and shared.
Eriko Esaka Eriko Esaka
Eriko Esaka
Overseas Expert(Asia)
  • Program director at UNESCO City of Design Organizing Committee of Nagoya
Mark Wee Mark Wee
Mark Wee
Overseas Expert(Asia)
  • Advisor to the DesignSingapore Council
Josyane Franc Josyane Franc
Josyane Franc
Overseas Expert(Europe)
  • Ambassador of Saint-Etienne Cité du design
Andrea Cancellato Andrea Cancellato
Andrea Cancellato
Overseas Expert(Europe)
  • Director of ADI Design Museum
  • Member of the Board of Directors of Museo Dicesano
Fernando Mascaro Fernando Mascaro
Fernando Mascaro
Overseas Expert(South America)
  • Architect and designer at FM Consulting for Sustainable Design Strategies
Tuba Kocaturk Tuba Kocaturk
Tuba Kocaturk
Overseas Expert(Oceania)
  • Professor of Integral Design and Architecture, and founding director of MInD Lab at Deakin University
Richard Perez Richard Perez
Richard Perez
Overseas Expert(Africa)
South Africa
  • Director at Hasso Plattner School of Design at the University of Cape Town
  • Member of SAP Africa Academic Board
Anya Sirota Anya Sirota
Anya Sirota
Overseas Expert(North America)
  • Principal & Founder of Akoaki
  • Associate Dean at the University of Michigan’s Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning
Ken Nah Ken Nah
Ken Nah
Overseas Expert(Asia)
Republic of Korea
  • Professor at Hongik University
  • Jury of Red Dot Award
Hyunsun Kim Hyunsun Kim
Hyunsun Kim
Overseas Expert(Asia)
Republic of Korea
  • President of Korea Federation of Design Associations
  • Professor at Hongik University
  • Member of Central Urban Planning Commission of the Ministry of Land Transportation
Sangkyun Kim Sangkyun Kim
Sangkyun Kim
Overseas Expert(Asia)
Republic of Korea
  • Professor at Kyunghee University Graduate School of Business (Specialized in Metaverse)
Sertaç Ersayin Sertaç Ersayin
Sertaç Ersayin
Overseas Expert(Asia/Europe)
  • Treasurer / board member of WDO
  • President of Industrial Designers Society of Turkey
Jukka Savolainen Jukka Savolainen
Jukka Savolainen
Overseas Expert(Northern Europe)
  • Director of Design Museum in Helsinki