Call for Entry

Here is the detailed information about the application and screening process
for the Seoul Design Award.


※ Please confirm the English notice for details of the announcement.

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Design projects in all fields realized within
5 years by designers and planners who
contributed to a more sustainable and
harmonious future between people and people,
people and society, people and the environment,
and people and nature.
Timeline (Korean Standard Time)
※2024 schedule will be announced
01 March 14 (Tues) – June 28 (Wed), 2023 Submission Period
02 July – September 2023 Screening Process
03 October 2023 Award Ceremony


Judging Criteria

Solving Everyday

Does the theme address public design
issues such as life, people, society,
environment, and nature towards
harmony and sustainability
in daily life?

Global Value

Does the design’s solution ripple into
society so that the problem(s) can
be solved through participation
and collaboration and
shared globally?

Presenting a Vision of
the Future

Does the design contribute to
presenting a vision of a sustainable,
future-oriented culture and
civilization where humanity and the
environment coexist?

Screening Process

1st Round screening

1st Preliminary

2nd Round screening

Selection of nominees

3rd Round (Final) screening

  • Interview
  • Selection of winners


  • For more information on submissions, see the FAQs on our website.
  • All responsibility for submitted documents remains with the applicant(s); documents received by the Secretariat will not be returned.
  • Either of the following can disqualify you during the screening process, or result in cancellation of any awards, even if discovered after the winners and awards have been announced.
    • The content of the submitted documents differ from the facts or are found to be false.
    • The submission violates intellectual property rights, including copyrights and the design rights of a third party. This can include engaging in plagiarism, illegal copying, or not citing sources.
  • Copyright for the materials submitted at the time of entry belongs to the exhibitor; the host or organizer may use the submitted work for publicity purposes (exhibition, events, screening, publication, etc.) after consultation with the exhibitor.
  • Even if the project was carried out in the name of an official organization, the individual/organization that actually executed the project is subject to the screening process.
  • All schedules for screening, awarding, and presentations are subject to change with the circumstances of the organizer.
Inquiries Seoul Design Award Secretariat
  • Website:
  • E-mail:
  • Tel.: +82-2-2096-0056
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If you know a project that matches the values of the Seoul Design Award, please report it to us.

Deadline is 31 October 2021