DDP Workshop sought to possibilities of putting those issues raised during
the conference in practices in Seoul.

Experts from around the world ardently
discussed and debated the various roles
that DDP can play in relations to the future
of the city, the present of citizens and the
history of the region
Date 18 September 2018
Place DDP 3F Academy Hall

Group 1 Residents’ Participation of in Community Design

Eriko Esaka (Japan),
Kenji Kondo (Japan),
Tatsuaki Koyama (Japan),
Kyung Mi Lee (head of CyFix),
Sung Hee Hong (sdf)

The cultural design of the DDP succeeded in beautifying the underdeveloped space and attracting tourists, but residents who have long lived in the area are experiencing deterioration of the quality of life. Solutions for this area are explored.

Group 2 How to Change Dongdaemun Alleyways?

Josyane Franc (France),
Davide Fassi (Italy),
Matej Nikšič (Slovenia),
Seung Wha Cha (Professor, Hanyang
Cyber University),
Eun Ah Seo (SDF)

Alleys featuring distinctive content such as fashion, local food and young creators are introduced.

Group 3 Street Food Design

Frank van Hansselt (England),
Anke Strittmatter (Austria),
Lei Liu (China), Min Young Baik (SDF)

Design solutions are sought in order to enhance the attractive aspects of Dongdaemun’s culinary content.

Group 4 For the Dongdaemun Area Alive 24/7

Wei Tong (China),
Suominen Jarmo (Finland),
Ewa Golebiowska (Poland),
Min Lee (Professor, Kookmin University),
Myung Cheol Shin (SDF)

Ways to revitalize the Dongdaemun area, where various activities take place for 24 hours a day, are explored, based on its transport, culture and design content

Group 5 Architectural Cultural Heritage of Dongdaemun

Yeung Man Ki Larry (Singapore),
Woralun Boonyasurat (Thailand),
Leticia O. Clemente (Philippines),
Jeong Eun Kang (Every Architects),
Ha Lim Lee (SDF)

Ways are discussed to to translate Dongdaemun’s history, the collective memory of the neighborhood and the culture through modern storytelling.

Group 6 Design for the DDP where Everyone is Happy

Yang Yi (China), Ilona Gurjanova
(Estonia), Erika Thümmel (Austria),
Jun Suk Lee (head of Studio Igloo),
Jin Kyung Lee (SDF)

Universal design within DDP is assessed from the elderly, a child, and disabled points of view to come up with improvements.

Group 7 How to Cultivate DDP’s Human Assets?

Flora Fang (China),
Dwinita Larasati (Indonesia),
Maria J. Del Blanco (Spain),
Eun Ae Cho (head of Tibaeg),
Se Ra Park (SDF)

By studying the fashion infrastructure promoted in Dongdaemun, the next-generation human resources are identified.