• Congratulatory messages



    Umar Hadi
    Ambassador of Indonesia


    Congratulations to Tita Larasati, the finalist from Indonesia for 2020 Human City Design Award. Your Airborne.bdg project has brought pride not only to the residents in Bandung, but also to all Indonesians.  This best appreciation to the Seoul Metropolitan Government & Seoul Design Foundation for the organizing of this Award Ceremony. 





    Luís Henrique Sobreira Lopes
    Ambassador of Brazil


    Thank you. I want to join you in welcoming everyone here to the Human City Design Award.  Today, we celebrate designers whose works live by a spirit of inclusion and humanity.

    Their creations transform people's lives and deepen their relationship with their living environments. I want to thank you all and commend all the designers, who made it to the finalist stage of this selection process for this year’s award, including my two fellow Brazilians, for their works. Congratulations.





    Federico Failla
    Ambassador of Italy


    I would like to congratulate the Seoul Design Foundation on the second edition of the Human City Design Award, which has already become a prestigious opportunity to raise awareness about the strong links between the human being and the environment, including the urban environment, and how to mutually improve such relationship.

    This mission is shared and actively supported by Italy, which is a champion of innovative and sustainable design as well as a cutting-edge country in the promotion of green growth and sustainability. 2021 is a very important year in this regard, with Korea hosting the P4G (Partnering for Green Growth and the Global Goals 2030) summit and Italy co-hosting the COP26 on climate change together with the United Kingdom. I look forward to a successful 2020 edition of the award. My best wishes to the organisers and the finalists!





    Juan Carlos Caiza Rosero
    Ambassador of Colombia


    I would like to extend the most sincere congratulations to all the finalists of this outstanding award. These projects highlight the crucial value of urban development with sustainable standards that allow citizens to have a good quality of life while recognizing the importance of natural resources and its conservation for the wellbeing of the current and future generations. Thank you.





    Eric Teo Boon Hee

    Ambassador of Singapore


    Warmest congratulations to all finalists of the 2020 Human City Design Award! Singapore is honoured to have Singaporean architect Look Boon Gee as one of the top 10 finalists. Look’s design for the Fuzhou Trans-Urban Connector, a 19-kilometre elevated forest walkway that spans the entire length of Jinniushan, a mountain in the middle of Fuzhou, China, is impressive not only for its beautiful form but also for its people-centred and sustainable design and function. The eco-friendly connector blends in very well with the beautiful mountain surroundings in perfect harmony. I hope the Human City Design Award will continue to serve as a platform to encourage exchanges on sustainable urban design and celebrate designers whose works have contributed to sustainable ecosystems and a better quality of life for our people.





    Chujo Kazuo
    Minister of Public Information and Cultural Center

    Director of Public Information and Cultural Center

    Congratulations to all finalists including Sekai Hotel from Japan. I wish Human City Design Award will contribute to the movement towards sustainable cities around the world.





    Bancha Yuenyongchongcharoen
    Minister of the Royal Thai Embassy


    On behalf of the Royal Thai Embassy in Seoul, I would like to show our appreciation to the organizer for hosting such a valuable event today and I would like to congratulate Mr.Boonserm Premthada of Bangkok Project Studio for receiving an important Human City Design Award 2020. The Elephant World project has been supported by the Royal Thai Government and Surin Province's local administration with aims to design a world class elephant preservation center and learning center. The people of Surin Province are well known for raising elephants for living for centuries. The project has produced an excellent design to serve all the said purposes and it has shown and reflected Mr. Premthada's vision, dedication and hardworking. As the elephant is Thailand's national animal, Thailand's ambassador flag has got white elephant in the middle for almost a century. Therefore, Thailand has given high important on preservation of the elephant. According the latest survey, Thailand has got around 4,000 wild elephants in the forest. The number of wild elephants has been increased around 7% a year.





    Ludovic Guillot
    Cultural Counselor of French Embassy


    It is with great pleasure that we receive French designer Emmanuel Louisgrand’s award today, on the occasion of the Second Edition of the Human City Design Award for his project
    “Jardin et jet d’eau“. Last year, French designer Isabelle Dearon was also presented at the Seoul design week. The Human City Design Award ambitions to gather designers to create a sustainable urban ecosystem. Such collaborations are essential today, and we are particularly pleased that French
    design is present and recognized in South Korea. On behalf of Emmanuel Louisgrand, I want to thank all of you and the Seoul Design Foundation for this award.