We hope to become a forum for communication to create a sustainable daily life
where people and the environment coexist and a design platform for the world to learn together.

Seoul Design Award hopes to become
an international design award that
contributes to the pursuit of UNESCO's
sustainable development goals (SDGs)
for sustainable daily life.

The Seoul Design Award is an international design award celebrating designers or groups that have solved complex problems in our daily lives through creative designs, thereby bringing positive impact to the formation of a harmonious and sustainable relationship between people and people, society, the environment, and nature.

Since the “1t Human City Design Award,” many outstanding projects have been submitted from across the globe to this award, which celebrates the 3rd ceremony. Designed for the public, the works received were outcomes of various processes of deliberating and resolving inconveniences that urban populations have come to face.

Among many design awards that exist today, the Seoul Design Award, which is sponsored by Seoul Metropolitan Government, is all the more special as it recognizes and supports designers who come up with creative solutions that contribute to shaping a better life for people.
Together with Dongdaemun Design Plaza, we will continue to exert efforts to elevate the Seoul Design Award.

Building on the experiences of the past three years, the Seoul Design Award has decided to take a leap forward in a new and more significant way. The Award’s scale and category have been further expanded so as to identify a wider range of design projects dedicated to creating better cities to live in. Selected exemplary design cases will be more widely shared and communicated with a greater number of countries across the globe than in previous years. Taking the Award to new heights, we wish to work with designers from all over the world to think about the future direction and hear creative suggestions.

I believe design is man’s gift to humanity. Thanks to designs made with the designers’ passion and enthusiasm, we are granted with a gift for a better tomorrow. Seoul Design Award will evolve into a platform with a positive impact, advocating the value of design to everyone on earth.

CEO, Seoul Design

KyungDon Rhee
대표이사 사인